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Original Fromage - Cheese Cake

Original Fromage is soft and melted cheesecake in the mouth with cheese flavor. Consists of 4 layers: Soboro (mashed sponge cake), Mascarpone cheese mousse, baked cream cheese and Sponge cake as a base cake.

Product Type: Wet Cake

Suggestions for age: adults and children over 1 year

Packaging: Wooden Box 

Taste: Original Cheese

Weight: 332 grams net

Diameter: 12.7cm

Height: 5 cm

Free: GIft Tags, Bags, and Cake Knifes


Suggested serving: After the cake is received from the courier, please keep it in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before consumption. NOT RECOMMENDED consumed by children or adults with a history of lactose allergy.


Storage instructions: After opening the cake packaging, save it by repacking it in thinkwood (cake container) and keep it in the refrigerator in 3 days.

The volume listed as net weight.


 Delivery Monday-Friday 09: 30-15: 00 is sent with a Delivery Team for the Jakarta and South Tangerang areas. Cannot be sent out of town.