For The Loved Ones

Rooting in the enduring appeal of Fromage cake, DORÉ excels in crafting quality cakes and desserts with an aim to accompany you along a gratifying journey of taste. It’s no coincidence that DORÉ means “golden” in french. Our cheesecake is always best enjoyed when shared and that means any quality time spent with your family and friends through DORÉ will be, a truly golden one.


A Modern Nostalgia

Tour de l'amitié

DORÉ is a subsidiary brand of LeTAO, one of the best-selling cheesecake brands in the world. Founded in 1996 and based in Hokkaido, Japan, LeTAO is celebrated around the globe for their delicate and velvety cheesecakes. LeTAO seeks to continually redefine itself through the lens of modern nostalgia, where its products are concocted with the combination of the historical charm of old port city, Otaru and contemporary image of the brand in mind.

A Fastidious Dedication To Quality

Fleur de Lys

To recreate the perfect LeTAO experience, we work meticulously with Japanese pastry chefs to produce quality cheesecakes that are consistent in its texture and taste using specific oven imported from Japan.

At DORÉ, we seek to concoct more exciting flavours, such as strawberry and coffee, into our compact and well though-out list of cheesecakes. By using only the finest ingredients available, our products are freshly made daily to ensure that every bite will be packed with our signature and familiar flavours that you love.